SH Construcciones

Construction & Carpentry

Constructing in an ecological way is SH Construcciones main aim.This can be achieved in many ways, the degree of achievement depending on the materials and details chosen.

The choice of materials will depend on many factors and will be derived from consideration of aesthetics, cost, availability, environment, benefits of use, maintenance, details, constructibility etc.

A timber frame structural System is fabricated from wood from managed forests making it the most sustainable material available. Incorporation of high specification thermal insulation with the low conductivity timber enables the finished building to be extremely energy efficient with minimal thermal bridges.

Other products used are chosen for their minimal maintenance and longevity thus reducing future disruption and costs.

We can and have performed traditional concrete and brick construction as well if your project requires that service.

Other benefits:

  • Lightweight buildings reduce loads and hence size of foundations.
  • Treated timbers that will not be attacked by infestation or rot.
  • Damp proof membrane details that will stop any future rising damp and rainwater ingress.
  • Dry and quick build system for a quick turnaround.
  • The provision of high thermal insulation practically eliminates condensation and the mould associated with it.


SH Construcciones S.L. were awarded a special mention from The Deputación de Energia de Cádiz in the category Energy Saving in the Residential Sector for this project which they designed and constructed.